Sahkar Industries  

Our injection moulding technology consistently lives up to the most stringent requirements in terms of performance, functionality, cost-effectiveness, quality and durability on a daily basis in production plants around the globe. However, it is a good products that meet international standards. Comprehensive customer support and service are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Series production at the SAHKAR INDUSTRIES guarantees the highest product quality this is underpinned which with its comprehensive expertise not only provides customers advice precisely tailored to their requirements prior to the purchase of the relevant machine technology, but ensures they are not left alone with their questions and problems after commissioning. For this reason, at SAHKAR INDUSTRIES is modular, as is the technology itself.

The comprehensive support the SAHKAR INDUSTRIES service package provides to all customers from planning, design and execution, right through to the commissioning of the injection moulding machine or facility, as well as maintenance and even the training of machine operators makes us one of the committed partners in the industry and ensures the company's continuing success.