Sahkar Industries
  Sahkar Industries  
   Why Sahkar Industries ?  

Sahkar Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of injection molding machines and services to the plastic industry. Sahkar Industries supplies equipment to manufacture a wide range of plastic products such as caps for beverages, containers for food, automotive components, and consumer electronic parts etc.

   Company History  
Sahkar Industries was established by Mr. P.G.Sakpal with over 28 years experience in the field of manufacturing and designing injection moulding moachines for plastic processing. Work history includes a career started as servicing engineer in Mumbai with a plastic injection moulding machine manufacturer and reached at heights of being a technical partner in a public limited company as a strongest technical pillar for the company's inception to great succesess.
   Location of Plant  
Sahkar Industries if Located in the golden coriodor of most industrialised part of Western Inida State of Gujarat.
We will put our global presence in injection moulding machines, offering products and services so clearly outstanding in terms of innovation, quality, delivery and value that ,we are consistently the supplier of choice.